The buyer of the car is the beneficiary of the “Buy Back Offer” return program that’s applicable on the first 30 days or 350 miles (whichever comes first). The program is applicable only in these cases:

  •  Used for 30 days max or 350 miles.
  •  No excessive and/or unprofessional repairs.
  •  No indication of abnormal usage.
  •  No damage that was not pre-existing.
  •  Vandalism, sabotage, and theft are not covered.

By purchasing our Buy-Back Guarantee, the buyer agrees to all the following terms and conditions:

  • The request for the buy-back must be initiated by the buyer via email no later than the 30th calendar day after the online purchase date (purchase date being 0).
  • The car must be paid for and located on the buyer’s property when initiating the buy-back request.
  • The buyer must not have transferred or sold the vehicle to a third person or entity at any time after the online purchase date.
  • It will take approximately 30 days to confirm the vehicle’s eligibility for any buy-back. An inspection will be ordered and reviewed by the program administrator to validate the condition versus the car details at the time of online purchase.

Conditions for eligibility for buy-back include:

  • The vehicle condition must be the same or better condition than indicated on the Equipment Details Page at the time of purchase.
  • The car must qualify for inspection under Stewart Auto Sales Terms & Conditions at the time of buy-back request.
  • The Buy-Back Guarantee cannot be added or removed after purchase.
  • Once the buy-back is confirmed, the buyer will be notified and a refund will be processed within 24 to 48 hours after Stewart Auto Sales receipt of the transferable title from the buyer.
  • The car will remain on the buyer’s lot after being repurchased under the Buy-Back Guarantee program until the vehicle is picked up by one of our cars (a period of approximately 7 days after the buyer’s receipt of refund), and the buyer must support the remarketing process as necessary including, but not limited to, granting inspection access, providing photographs, facilitating vehicle pickup.
  • The buyer must use commercially reasonable care in storing the machine safely, consistent with industry standards. The buyer is responsible for damage or loss of the car after it has been repurchased until it is picked up from the buyer’s property.
  • Stewart Auto Sales reserves the right to limit the number of items for which any buyer may purchase the buy-back policy.